Revenue Jam

Ep. 4- Creating More Meaningful Messages I B2B EQ with Matt Green & Tim Harris

May 08, 2023 Sales Assembly Season 1 Episode 4
Revenue Jam
Ep. 4- Creating More Meaningful Messages I B2B EQ with Matt Green & Tim Harris
Show Notes

In this episode of Revenue Jam, check out this conversations between Co-Founder and CRO of Sales Assembly, Matt Green and Host of B2B EQ Tim Harris as they discuss how to properly personalize your outreach, ways that sales teams can make the most out of conferences, and how to make reps feel more comfortable doing in person meetings.


  • The most important soft skill in B2B sales is empathy. You need to be able to build authentic relationships with your customers to effectively drive sales.
  • The best way to cut through the noise as a sales rep is to show your prospect that you know something about them. Do some research on the person beyond where they went to school and get to know them.
  • Personalized touches don’t have to be expensive or over the top. Personalized touches need to feel genuine and relevant. Even asking someone about something they are passionate about builds a stronger connection.
  • Regardless of all the virtual tech and AI powered tools, human connection and interaction will still remain an integral part of selling. Sales leaders need to help make sure newer reps feel comfortable doing in person interactions with potential customers.
  • As marketing budgets become tighter, sales teams need to get smarter about trade shows. Instead of buying a large booth, figure out who from your ICP will be there. Once you have a list of several people, book in person lunches or coffee chats with them.
  • While filling the top of the funnel may seem like the right mindset, but your time is better spent elsewhere. Companies need to focus on spending more time with each prospect in the middle of the funnel, and creating more meaningful messaging.
  • Most companies focus on making sure leads are qualified, and that the target company meets their ICP. Few companies focus on buying intent. Establish a few intent metrics, and if leads don’t meet those, move on to the ones that do.

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